Frequently Asked Questions

Home Delivery of All Natural Meats and Game

Q: Why does Monkton Farms sell farm to table products from Monkton area farms?

A: Monkton Maryland has been blessed with wonderful farms since the 1700’s. We live in a world where agribusiness inhumanely raises animals in tiny cages and pumps with antibiotics and steroids then sends them to a saluter house to be processed. Our network of farms raises animals humanly without chemicals and hormones. We believe the food produced locally is far superior to that produced by agribusiness. When our customers purchase food from Monkton Farms they are buying food directly from the farm and it is hand delivered to their home. Farm to table truly means farm to table.


Q: What is the difference in quality between Monkton Farm products and the meats I buy at my local supermarket?

A: Authentically Monkton Farm meats are nature’s perfect combination of nutrition and taste. Source and age verified, our meats are tender, juicy, and full-flavored. Raised without the use of added growth hormones and antibiotics, it’s a more wholesome, more satisfying beef. Experience meat that is as pleasing to your taste buds as it is to your body.


Q: Are these meats more expensive?

A: Superior meat products from Monkton Farms are competitively priced to assure you ultimate value. When you compare our quality and price to that of your favorite fine restaurant or gourmet supermarket, you will discover we offer the best value in the natural meat industry today.


Q: How long can I keep your meats in my freezer?

A: The biggest issue in freezing meats is allowing air to contact the meat causing freezer burn and exchange of odors from other products in refrigerator. Our tight fitting vacuum-sealed stay-fresh packaging prevents all of that. Keeping beef fresh for a year or better is not a problem..